Our History

Bwejuu Charity School was born out of the belief that the future of the island of Zanzibar region lies in its youth. In 1998, a generous couple from Oman saw first hand how young people, whose parents lived a very poor life, were growing up with little guidance and felt compelled to do something to give them a better start in life.

They initially invested in a small building where the current science class is assigned and a few lower grades sits. The building was used as a shelter for after school and to teach Holy Quran to the children and elderly women of Bwejuu.

In 2001, the headmaster of the school Mr Rajab Ali Jaku was introduced to a potential donor. He discussed his vision of the school and the expansion requirements of which this lead to the generous endowment by a businesswoman from Dubai who helped through her philanthropic interest to build the main campus where it stands today.

This selfless act of love was supported by her father’s foundation the Easa Saleh Al Gurg Foundation.

  • Between 1996 and 1998, Mualim Rajab the headmaster of the school commenced with a small setup made out of a mud structure teaching 8 students of which 6 were girls.
  • From 2001 up to 2004, prior to the official registration the school was running as a ‘Madrasah’ focusing as a shelter for afterschool activities as well as a Quran school for both children and elderly women.
  • Post 2004, the school commenced with pre-primary, followed by primary and as the years go by up to date lower secondary level.

Today the school is being solely fundraised by two noble women. In fact the unsung hero’s are housewives, grandmothers and mothers based in Oman and Qatar. The annual running cost of the school is thankfully being sponsored by caring individuals who believe in the power of giving back and its impact on our children. Bwejuu Charity School has also established collaborations with influential partners who have financed the development of additional programs and projects.

The Madrasah was built on the current land in 2003 and was inaugurated by the former First Lady of Zanzibar - Mama Shadya Amani Karume.