How to Help


Charity School welcomes individuals, institutions or government departments to unconditionally support the school in order to achieve our goals.

We are grateful to all of our sponsors for their financial assistance, which is much needed for providing study materials like books and pens for our students, to finance the running cost of the school and the school's kitchen, pay salaries, upgrade the teachers' educational levels, establish a library and laboratories (computer lab and science laboratory), for our hostel and for adding further classes.

The Charity School Bwejuu also receives youth volunteer coaching from all over the world for three months or more. The school provides free lodging for the volunteers on the school grounds.

We welcome individuals and companies to sponsor a students for USD $374 per year or to sponsor a teacher for the school.

What and how you can Donate

If you are far away from us and you are willing and interested to provide your donation to this school you may, please see the Bank Details given below for transfer process.

Here are the bank details:

Bank Name : People's Bank of Zanzibar (PBZ)
Branch : Mwanakwerekwe Branch
Account Number : 0311208000756
Country : Zanzibar -Tanzania

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